All first-time drivers incur a negative balance in their DeliveringMe account depending on the chosen subscription level. On average, most of our dedicated drivers are able to turn their balance within the first 30 days.

No. We do not require any payments from drivers upfront. Rather, our subscription mechanism is based on an earnings basis. In that, the more jobs you complete as a registered driver, the more you earn and automatically pay off your subscription charge. Aside from job payments, users can also leave tips that are available for withdrawal at any moment.

Withdrawing payments on DeliveringMe takes just a few clicks. However, you must have earned enough to cover your subscription charge to be able to cash out. Once a driver has crossed the threshold, earnings are credited to their DeliveringMe account. When this is confirmed, simply click withdraw to receive funds in the wallet or bank account you’ve connected. Bear in mind that certain payment methods take longer than others which is why cash outs may not always be immediate. In case of issues with cashing out, we advise that you connect a different payment method.

Sometimes when users post jobs for a price too low, our drivers tend not to accept it and opt for other higher-paying options. To ensure that your job is selected, try increasing the delivery cost. If this is the case, our system will notify you. 

DeliveringMe offers a range of payment methods to facilitate our ever-growing user base. At the moment, this platform accepts two-way payments via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Payoneer, and _____. If you cannot find your desired method of payment here, reach out to our customer support at XXXX.