Smooth car deliveries that get your favorite items to their designated destination

DeliveringMe drivers offer quick and easy solutions to customers who want to send or receive physical goods from far away. Car deliveries are one of the fastest modes of transport available for moving goods within the city. No matter the distance, our riders are known for offering top-notch service.

When are car deliveries recommended?

You can’t wait too long to receive items

We require drivers registered on our platform to use cars that meet certain conditions. If you’re short on time, need something as soon as possible, or have a place to get to, post a car delivery or rideshare job and wait until drivers accept your offer.

You need large or sensitive items

Are you booking a delivery for larger items? Or, maybe you want to deliver something sensitive. Rest assured, DeliveringMe drivers have you covered. Our car delivery option is perfect for transporting physical items under specific conditions.

 Traveling alone or with someone?

Don’t settle for an uncomfortable journey in your hatchback. Hitch a comfortable ride and reach your destination in style. Choose reliable drivers on DeliveringMe to avail unmatched car travel that maintains your comfort and peace of mind. Clients can post jobs with specific conditions that enable a perfect match. Once different drivers view your post and send a response, the ball is in your court as you get to choose who’ll be driving you around.