Reliable bike delivery

 Can’t go out to run an errand yourself? Whether it’s groceries from the store or hardware tools for DIY work at home, why do it yourself when you can choose from various trusted delivery experts on DeliveringMe? Our riders offer fuel-efficient bicycle shipping so you can sit back and relax while the work’s done for you!

Book a bicycle rider today

Riders offering bicycle deliveries on our platform take the shortest route to your destination and zip through traffic to deliver your products on the dot

Food Delivery

Do you need food delivered from your favorite restaurant? Or perhaps just a few snacks from a store that’s a few blocks away. Set a price, post a job, and let one of our riders do the grunt work while you sit back and relax.

Bike Cargo Delivery

Rather than relying on traditional companies and paying thousands every month, post custom jobs to hire reliable bike riders at much more affordable price points. No matter the scope of your needs, bike deliveries can be used for transporting parts from anywhere within a rider’s area of coverage to your factory or operational facility.

Medicine Delivery

Medical emergencies often come unannounced and when you live far away from the nearest pharmacy, getting medication on a time crunch can seem impossible. Our bike riders facilitate everyone from busy young adults to senior citizens who cannot travel themselves.